Mascarpone cream – Crema di mascarpone

A nice cream that you can eat in a dessert dish with dry biscuits or on top of a cake.


3 1/2 oz. mascarpone cheese
2 eggs, separate the whites from the yolks*
1 Tbsp. Rum
3 1/2 oz. sugar


1. In a bowl mix the egg yolks and sugar together with a hand blender.
2. Add the mascarpone and combine well using a wooden spoon.
3. Lastly add the rum and mix in.
4. In another bowl whip the egg whites until they start to foam.
5. Add the egg whites to the mascarpone, a bit at a time, folding them in gently with a spoon, making movements from the bottom to the top.
6. Chill for one hour or until cold. Serve in a medium glass bowl or in single cups with dry biscuits or better with a slice of pandoro.


Pandoro is a very popular Italian Christmas cake throughout the peninsula. It comes from Verona, my home town, so I’m particularly proud of such a good creation.

*I know that for some of you this will sound like absolute madness. If you are worried about the health risks from eating uncooked eggs I suggest that you ask your grocer for pasteurized eggs. I know that in the U.S. you can purchase them in a carton.

6 Responses to “Mascarpone cream – Crema di mascarpone”

  1. helena said:

    I’ve been looking for such a recipe! I’ll try it!
    But how many cups does it make?

  2. Patty said:

    @helena: It should be about 2 cups.

  3. clara said:

    ciao cercavo proprio questa ricetta in inglese. è perfetta!!!!

  4. Pamela said:

    Glad I found you and my son will be too…My ex-mother-in-law made this every Christmas (We lived in Lugano) and I never did get the recipe…Thanks to you we will have Panatone with Crema di Marscarpone!!! I haven’t checked out your other recipes but I will and I’m sure they’ll be proprio buono!!!

  5. Patty said:

    @Pamela: I hope you liked the mascarpone cream. I made it for Christmas too.

  6. Sara said:

    When I worked for a cruise line the Italian restaurant used to serve a dessert in a martini glass and it was this light sweet cream layered with rasperries strawberries and blueberries and I’m wondering if this is the recipe I’m looking for to recreate that because it was my fav!! Please let me know! Thanks:)

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